How It All Began...

Following many years of university and graduate school in the Buffalo/Rochester area – my avid love for nature brought me back to the Allegheny Mountains and I began keeping bees in 2008. 

Today, I own and operate a regenerative honeybee farm with an unwavering conviction to maintain bees according to the patterns of nature. With that, every season that passes our bees are gaining in ability to cope with environmental stress factors. 

Our mission as honey producers is to make Under The Sun Honey, a pure, premium, raw honey for healthy living - accessible while providing insight to consumers on how to meaningfully support bees and become aware of issues affecting pollinators. 


Under the Sun Honey is produced by bees kept in the wildflower fields of the Alleghenies; they live there year round and are never treated with harsh chemicals. Our bees live in full sun, drink water from clean mountain springs, and collect pollen and nectar from nature's provisions. 


Under the Sun Honey is surplus honey (not over harvested) and is identical to the diet the bees eat. It is loaded with health boosting pollen, antioxidants and minerals. Humans have used raw honey for centuries for the treatment of many disorders: respiratory conditions, insomnia, sore throats and coughs, morning sickness, digestive problems, anxiety, skin conditions, infections. 

What is in these jars is merely the surplus honey from my bees and it sits on my family’s table each day. It has not been harvested from my bees at their expense. The flavor of pure, raw honey is exquisite and connected to its place of origin, in this case, New York’s Alleghenies. There is a good chance you have never had honey like this before!

-Mike, The beekeeper 


Sustainable and Cruelty Free Beekeeping

Healthy Bees | Healthy Hive Products

WE ARE THE BEEKEEPERS. We raise our own queen bees, lovingly care for our bee colonies, harvest wax and honey and pack the surplus hive products into jars ourselves. Discerning customers prefer to buy products direct from the farmer. 

 WE USE SUSTAINABLE AND CRUELTY FREE BEEKEEPING METHODS. In many cases, the vegan community has expressed that our methods are closely aligned with their values. We bottle our honey straight from the honeycomb upon extraction and it is kept 100% raw to maintain its superfood properties. 

OUR HONEY IS PRODUCED EXCLUSIVELY IN NEW YORK STATE BY OUR BEES. We never leave the state to pollinate commercial crops, therefore our bees are never exposed to the environmental stress factors that are decimating honeybee populations. 

UNDER THE SUN HONEY IS FREE FROM CONTAMINATION AND ADDITIVES. We never use harsh chemicals on our hives and we do not feed them high fructose corn syrup. Our bees live year round in clean, remote locations in the Allegheny Mountains. In an age where counterfeit honey, mislabeling, and illegal importing represent the majority rather than the exception, discerning consumers are increasingly aware of the problems associated with honey.      

OUR HONEY IS 100% PURE, and RAW. When using honey especially for medicinal purposes, sourcing raw, local honey may be best for your body and immune system. Not only is Under The Sun Honey a health boosting superfood, it has exquisite flavor.  

WE OFFER A UNIQUE ASSORTMENT OF NYS HONEYS. Floral source makes the difference in flavor, taste and aroma: Autumn produced Goldenrod and Bamboo (Japanese Knotweed) and a beautiful medley of NYS summer blooms (Basswood, Honeysuckle, Soft Maple, etc). Typically darker colored honey has a stronger taste than a light colored honey.