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Our Beekeeper's Story

How It All Began...

Following many years of university and graduate school in the Buffalo/Rochester area – my avid love for nature brought me back to the Allegheny Mountains and I began keeping bees in 2008. 

Today, I own and operate a regenerative honeybee farm with an unwavering conviction to maintain bees according to the patterns of nature. With that, every season that passes our bees are gaining in ability to cope with environmental stress factors. 

Our mission as honey producers is to make Under The Sun Honey, a pure, premium, raw honey for healthy living - accessible while providing insight to consumers on how to meaningfully support bees and become aware of issues affecting pollinators. 


Under the Sun Honey is produced by bees kept in the wildflower fields of the Alleghenies; they live there year round and are never treated with harsh chemicals. Our bees live in full sun, drink water from clean mountain springs, and collect pollen and nectar from nature's provisions. 


Under the Sun Honey is surplus honey (not over harvested) and is identical to the diet the bees eat. It is loaded with health boosting pollen, antioxidants and minerals. Humans have used raw honey for centuries for the treatment of many disorders: respiratory conditions, insomnia, sore throats and coughs, morning sickness, digestive problems, anxiety, skin conditions, infections. 

What is in these jars is merely the surplus honey from my bees and it sits on my family’s table each day. It has not been harvested from my bees at their expense. The flavor of pure, raw honey is exquisite and connected to its place of origin, in this case, New York’s Alleghenies. There is a good chance you have never had honey like this before!

-Mike, The beekeeper 


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Under the Sun Honey is a western New York beekeeping operation and hive products brand focused on the sustainable husbandry of locally adapted, genetically resilient honey bees and the conservation of diverse and crucial ecosystems.

We are New York State focused and our bees live throughout the year in the Allegheny Mountains.

Around 80% of honeybee colonies are used primarily for crop pollination, honey production isn't the priority. Commercial pollination, while necessary for agriculture as a whole, is deadly for the bees as they come into contact with pesticides that contaminate their honeycombs and the pollen that is fed to bees in developing stages.

Under the Sun Honey is free from antibiotics, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and any remnants of hard chemical treatments. Practicing local, in season beekeeping in wild locations allows me to keep my bees healthy with a natural diet of pollen and nectar with minimal interference. It continues to be my experience that bees thrive when they are not stressed by unnatural habitats and are given opportunity to harvest nature’s healthy pollen and nectar resources.

I’m convinced that the answers to the world’s honeybee problems, while complex and requiring a steadfast approach to learning, reside in the bees themselves. Breeding bees that demonstrate hygienic behavior i.e. the detection and removal of contaminants and parasites remains my focus and governs all the decisions made as an apiary.

There is much talk these days about ”saving the bees.”

Diligent work with honeybee genetics to reproduce bees equiped to deal with environmental stress factors and the conservation of wild habitat are the two primary ways to help pollinators.

Thanks for reading!

Mike (The beekeeper)

”For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” Habakkuk 2:14

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